Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Communicating on-line

I've started to communicate with everyone at my office via email. I've also changed my email software to web-based mail, so I can access mail from both home and office.

My staff has trouble covering one of the office days in April, due to other commitments. We thought what we could do is have one person log on remotely to the EMR, pick up phone messages from home, and book patients into the scheduler via VPN if needed. I would use the clinical messaging in the software to notify them if something needed urgent action. We could not even have contemplated this without EMR.

The server at the hospital is now fully configured. Our project manager and our trainer are sending emails periodically to update us. I have started receiving hardware at the office: 22 boxes of antivirus CDs(seems a little excessive) came yesterday, and 5 printers came today. We unpacked the printers, and tried to figure out where they should be placed.

We have now put up signs letting patients know about the change, and asking for their patience.

My group is also communicating fairly frequently via email; some people are happy with the training so far, some less so. There are the inevitable software glitches. Tomorrow I go back for the second training session.


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