Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Choosing an EMR company

The decision to choose EMR software is not easy. There are many vendors out there, different pricing levels, and different levels of support. OntarioMD supplies vendor assessment tools. This is includes an extensive checklist that can be used to compare vendors.

The problem was that most physicians in our group (including me) were either too busy or not sufficiently interested. There is another FHN in my area, and we were looking at what they would choose, because it would likely influence our decision. Each FHN decided on one physician to lead the IT effort. If you do not have such a "champion", the EMR effort is unlikely to get very far. The IT leads spearheaded the process, and compared several companies. Several of us had favourites, based on what our friends were using or what we had seen before.

In May, the other FHN's lead was ready to make a decision; she had three top companies, but considered one to be best suited to our circumstances.

I have not been able to find literature to tell me what the "best" EMR is. In fact, I found a study showing physician satisfaction and dissatisfaction with several different software applications. It may depend on how "sold" you are, and how often you use it.

The next step was to be a live demonstration.


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